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Baby Breastfeeding

Lactation Support

In the comfort of your home: specific care just for you. 

Many times a lactation visit involves loading everyone into the car, trying to plan when baby will eat, and the stress of trying to nurse somewhere that isn't the comfort of your home.  With Milky Way Lactation it's different! You get to stay in the comfort of your own space. This is not where the difference stops with our Lactation Services. We are not just here to help you feed your baby. We are here because we care about ALL OF YOU! ​We arrive ready to get to know YOU. Our appointments are a slow pace of conversation, education, and a listening ear. Not only do we want to help you find your way when it comes to feeding your baby, but we also want to make sure your mental, emotional, and educational needs are met. Need breastfeeding position ideas? we are here.Need help with latch and pain? we are here.Need pumping help? we are here. Need help with understanding sleep, diaper changes, spit up, or bottle feeding? we are here.Need support processing a hard birth? we are here.Need a non judgmental ear to help you process and make parenting decisions? we are here.​Our goal is to help you find your way as you navigate it all!

Types of Lactation Support

Whether you are pregnant, early postpartum or later postpartum we are here to help you find your way and grow in confidence. Below are a few of the ways we can support you on your journey:


Private Prenatal Education + Lactation Prep


Are you planning on breastfeeding but don't know where to start planning your journey? Have you read some books, but are wondering how all of this practically applies to you and your situation? Do you have some unique lactation questions that are very individualized? This is the appointment for you. 

3 hour in home consult includes: 

  • education surrounding breastfeeding where we answer all the big questions. How latching works, milk supply, when to feed the baby, signs of success etc. 

  • Discussion of your specific goals and concerns and making a specific plan for your unique needs

  • Measurement of nipples for flange sizes. 

  • messaging support between consult and the birth of your baby.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

In Home Lactation


In the comfort of your home we can navigate all the intricate workings of your feeding journey. In this slow paced consult we really dig deep to trouble shoot what is causing the problem and come up with a sustainable plan to work your way through. A comprehensive exam will be completed.You can be sure we left no rock unturned as we journey through. It is our priority at Milky Way Lactation that we have a fed baby, a sane and comfortable mom, and that you are enjoying your babe through the process.

2 hour in home consult includes:

  • Comprehensive Feeding Exam

  • Maternal Exam

  • Weighted Feed

  • Infant Exam

  • Comprehensive Care Plan

  • Flange Fitting (if applicable)

  • 1 week of messaging/phone support included 

Breast Milk Pump

Pumping and Going Back to Work Support

coming soon

Need help preparing for your journey back to work? Have you heard so much mixed information about pumping, bottle feeding and milk storage?

This is the appointment for you.

2 hour in home consult includes:

  • deep dive in preparing to go back to work

  • building up a small freezer stash

  •  making a plan for pumping at work

  •  discuss guidelines around milk storage

  • do a run through of your pump/help put it together

  • measure flange sizes for pump

  • discuss bottle feeding and best bottles for breastfed baby

  • Answer your questions to help you feel confident as you return back to work.

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